Wishing On A Nightmare

There are many things I can avoid in life to make me feel less in despair. But I cannot avoid sleep. And by extension, I cannot avoid dreams.

I don’t often have nightmares, but I often wish I do. Because then at least life would seem better in comparison. Too often my dreams are filled with people and scenarios far too beautiful for me to want to awaken from. And reality is like the gaping wound that is leeking pus and everything about it screams filth and pain and despair.

But reality is just a measure of perspective, and that which is mundane simply finds a way to creep its way and make itself unpleasant. The everyday routines of life simply going on when all that I want is so much more.

There are days I wish I could I could sleep beyond what is required, if only so that I can indulge in fantasy a little while longer.

There are days I wish I could scream to the world to take my breath from me.

There are days I wish I could break free from the chains I hold myself with.

To hold two thoughts that are so clearly opposed to each other, is very much like my dreams and reality.

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