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What Is It If What It Is Is Not?

Often it is in the nature of myself that I find it overwhelmingly easy to stew in the raw seething hatred I have for most of humanity. Yet given its beautiful allure, I find myself inexplicably capable of moving past the various potholes of my life.

Consider the various humans who have so often failed in their word. Consider how they twist them with such craft of justifications and blame. Consider, how they can vanish in its entirety.

It is said that an unwillingness to forgive is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies. Ultimately, forgiveness is an easy gift to hand out. Though clearly it is exceedingly silly to imply that one should forgive and forget. While one may forget things of a distant memory, its lessons and conclusion is what should clearly stay.

We may not be perfectly objective given our nature even if we truly want to. One possible problem being that weightage and classifications are subjective in nature as is, especially so if one considers it is subjective to the standards of oneself. But it does not discount the fact that there is a score. Having made that discovery, it then becomes our duty to keep it organized and disregard the biases of hormones and matters of chance.

However that is not to say we should be cold to the core. I consider myself very much human and naturely, quite capable of error. That said however, I find it reasonable to aspire to a system where thoughts and emotions are kept more in check than allowed to run wild in a chaotic fashion. Order within a system is that which reduces the noise of unsatiable desires.

It is natural then to think that while one can keep score, one is thus capable of giving additional chances. Objectivity that takes into account biases while capable of learning lessons is after all, essentially a way of thought that gives rise to allowing various opportunities of external sources.

Given that such is the case, it is also thus quite natural that if the frequency of chances are high but positive outcomes are low that it warrants furthur investigations as to determine why such is the case.

As much as it may be that a lack of a positive outcome may have a genuine tale, overwhelmingly I find that such is not the case. The simplicity of certain events or the lack of a correlation at all are very clear indications that it is more often than not just a case of weakness. While this may seem overly brutal in my judgement of others, it does still hold in it without a doubt, truth.

Is it then wrong for me to discriminate against others where the word of one is of concern? Is it not natural to favour those who can keep to their word versus those who do not? As much as there may be those who choose to deny their own judgements as such, it remains a reasonable certainty that we will choose to make decisions based on past experiences. The only difference here, is that I am aware of my biases and take effort into compensating for it.

Let it not be said that I am a machine, for I am but a mind wrapped in flesh. To desire a more rational train of thought is simply part of who I choose to be.