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The Problem With Censorship

It such a modern society it goes without saying that content which are meant to be broadcasted to the general public undergoes evaluation as not to influence the innocent. Censoring such media is without doubt a good way to insulate a young mind from anything explicit.

However, it is when access to said media is censored where human rights are being supressed. I am not saying that children should be allowed on the open internet and google anything they want. It is indeed the job of the parent or guardian of the child to shield them against damaging material. I AM saying that we should have the ability to access said material if we should so desire.

Take for example the internet. We may be restricted from accessing pornographic websites by third-party applications but access to said material should not be blocked by the government or the internet service provider.

This is the freedom of information. It is a right, and yet some still do not have the privilege.

Why is it that even in the 21st century there are still those out there that will censor the internet? Is it because people are practicing their freedom of expression and angering them? It is because people are practicing thier freedom of information and accessing more information then they are comfortable with?

Take for example media such as video, audio and text. The underage customer may be restricted to enter the pornographic area of a video store but access to said material shouldn’t be non-existant. When we want to, we should have the right to access said material. Restrictions can be exercised but banning media such as videos, music and even books shouldn’t be happening at all.

I’m not saying that everyone should be allowed to buy pornographic videos, vulgar songs or explicit books. Restricting sales to only adults is fine. I’m saying that if an adult want’s to get said material, they should be able to do so.

This is the freedom of information. It is a right, and yet some still do not have the privilege.

Why is it that now in the 21st century there still those who ban import of certain videos, music and books? Is it too expensive for them to set up a seperate corner for adults only? Are they so unconvinced with their own peoples ability to exercise self-restraint? Do they just want to save money and ignore the public who are happily pirating away said media?

Censorship IS a violation of human rights no matter how you to sugar coat it. As human beings, we have the right to the open internet and buying media with our own hard earned money.

But what about piracy?

Well, what about it? It is completely fine by me to have laws against piracy. People who work hard on a piece of work deserve to earn from it. Censorship is never about piracy. If laws of censorship are made for the internet to prevent censorship, its like making laws about mandatory leg amputation to prevent having leg related diseases. It is pure idiocy.

[I mean, think of the sadness experienced by every foot fetish person out there]


If you want people to stop accessing pirating websites, then find ways to take the website down. If you want children to stay out of pornopgrahic shops and vulgar music, educate them. Censorship does not solve the underlying problem. It only tramples on basic human rights and more often than not, piss off a whole lot of people.

Image: luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net