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Peering Past Deaf Ears

There is joy in drowning within a personal universe made especially just for you. Where everything you want in the world is all that is over there right now. Everything fits, and everything falls perfectly into place. The only thing you miss out on is everything else.

The beauty and curse behind earphones and headphones are the fact that once they are on, the rest of the world is nothing but background noise, almost literally. In such a state, one can just immerse themselves in a state where things are just wonderfully delightful.

But wearing such headgear effectively tells me that you have absolutely no desire to communicate with another human being within your proximity so long as they are still on. Sure, you could always grant me the privilege by taking them off while talking. But it doesn’t help in any way shape or form to make you seem any more approachable or willing to socialize at all.

I am not denying the convenience and joys of wearing such a thing though. I happily prefer my headphones over speakers when I am alone in my room. But to do so publicly when there are those of whom you are familiar with seems almost anti-social. Almost.

However I do not deny that it seems very much like an enjoyable thing to do, drowning out the rest of the world. Being able to ignore the world sounds fun. To block off all the grating human interactions and obligated social niceties via feigning a lack of notice seems very pleasant indeed.